Step #1
Cut a 10 inch length off the hanger. After you have cut the wire be careful the edges may be sharp.
Step #2
Soldering Iron Stand
Items needed:
-  Wire hanger
-  Wire cutters
Step #3
Using the wire cutters, bend the wire into a right angle.
Bend the wire around a can.
It’s best to use a can, not a glass.  The glass may break!
Step #4
About one inch from the bottom, using the wire cutters, bend another right angle.  This will form the arm which the soldering iron will rest in.
Step #5
You’re almost done!  Just a couple more minor bends using the wire cutters.  Both of these bends should be about one inch from each other.
Step #6
Using the wire cutters, cut off the excess wire, leaving enough to form a nice cradle for the soldering iron.
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