Here’s the TV we are working on today.  As I mentioned on the previous page, this TV is among thousands of LCD TV’s that have stopped working for no other reason other than faulty capacitors.
Here’s what you can expect to see once you have lifted the back off of the TV.  The brown colored board in the middle of the TV is the power supply board.  It’s the one we are interested in.  As you can see, you have plenty of room to work with in here.
My trusty assistant hiding behind the TV.  It’s upside down so as not to damage the control on the bottom. You should place a terry cloth towel on the working surface before placing the TV screen side down.  You will find that maneuvering the TV is much easier when it is on top of a towel.
In this picture you can see many of the screws that secure the back and the front of the TV together. Don’t miss the screws located around the video-in and video-out controls.  When you think you have all the screws removed, gently lift the back from the TV.  If it doesn’t come off easily, then you missed one or two screws, look again!
Here’s a little video tour of the insides of this TV.