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Samsung LN-T4071F Repair Kit

This repair guide is for a 40” Samsung LCD HD TV, although it can be used for most any Samsung LCD TV. The TV used in this repair guide was rescued from a Los Angeles area thrift shop for $25.  The kit used to repair the TV cost $13.95 and is available from LCDalternatives.  Kits for dozens of other Samsung and other manufacturers LCD TV’s are available from LCDalternatives. The owner of the thrift shop didn’t know that for a few dollars this HD TV could be brought back from the brink and given several years of useful life!

Repairing an LCD TV is actually easier than repairing an LCD monitor.  You have to pry the monitor covers apart, with the TV you only have to remove the screws, and the back will separate from the front, extremely simple!  As you will see in this tutorial, once the TV is open, the repair progresses quickly.  

If you are interested in seeing the specs for this TV, and what it was worth new, click HERE.

You should always have a friend help you with the repair of a large LCD TV as they are often quite heavy.  You don’t want to drop an otherwise repairable TV and render it un-repairable!

Always unplug the TV while working on it and let it stand for at least 30 minutes before you start the repair.  

We hope you find this tutorial useful and should you have any questions or comments there is a comment/question form on the Reassembly page.

How to repair a Samsung 40” LCD TV (replacing the capacitors)